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Hi and welcome to our site. Go For Broke Racing is a sportsman drag racing team based in eastern Alberta, Canada. Our home track is Budwiser Motorsports Park near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We believe that dragracing is a growing, fun sport, that can be enjoyed by everyone!! Come along and see what we are about.

Well I finally made it to SIR for the Northwest Nationals. Wow, what an awesome trip!!! I'll get some of the story posted on the About us page but hey!!! The pictures are now up on the pictures page. So sorry to make ya do this, but you will have to check back again to see when I have the new stuff posted. Hopefully some time this week (Nov 11) I'll have time to get at it.
By the way, away from the race track we’ve found a new way to compete - on the casino leaderboards in the Slot Reel Races at BGO

And with the relocation of our site, the page for the web ring information has also moved. Now you can find that information at this location.

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