I ran the one of them in the quarters of a king of the hill race. About the 1000ft mark I was starting to watch him close. I thought I had TONS of room. Cool, an easy win I thought. So I started to pedal the gas. Down to 100mph off of a usual 105. Well here he comes!!!....Blowing by at over 160!!! Well it was an awful tense second as I watched for a win light. What a releaf when mine shone brightly!! After receiving a thumbs up from their crew as they came up the return road to pick up their car, it wasn't till I received my time slip that I saw the real results. I did manage to pick up the win...by .001, but methinks that next time I might not try that again!!!. It worked out ok though, as I had a bye in the semis and went on to race and beat S/Pro dragster in the finals to take the win.