One day, as I was preparing to slow after a pass, the push rod for the master cylinder came out....You can press all ya want, but with no rod...there ain't a lot of brakes!! So rather than try anything dumb, I decided to "go for a ride"!!! 680 feet into the sand!! By the time Dennis (safety crew) ran to the car, he was pretty much out of breath. I was going to drive out...but the figured without brakes...they better pull....Now there was a good (?) decision. Dave (the safety guy, not my sponsor) hooked a strap and started pulling...backwards. No problem, except that the return road slopes a little down. So after rounding the corner, Dave waved to me to slow down...Ummm, Dave. Just how the heck do you think I made it 680" into the sand in the first place. Well the look on Dave's face when he realized why I wasn't slowing was priceless. So we coasted a bit till I finally slowed. A quick tow and I was back in the pits. That was the first and hopefully ONLY time I ever have to be towed.