Back when we were racing down in Calgary, we saw all the cars sporting race team names on them, and figured, why not us. But what could we be? Well for a while we became RHRT. What the heck does RHRT stand for? Well let me tell a little story. Back then the Dart was quite pretty underhood, (and still is) with everything neat and orderly. All the wires bundled nicely in conduit, the plug wires all in order, separated with nice colored looms. Well it seems that although the looms were made by a reputable company, they aren't really adept at handling the heat of the underhood of a car subjected to racing. There was one loom on the drivers side that spread and wouldn't hold the wires anymore. So every time we took a peek underhood after a run, there was the one wire that always fell out and dangled by the steering column. And each time we saw it, we placed it back in the loose loom. Well, the one round, Dave did ok, had the starting line advantage, and should have taken the win. Nope. Down the track the Dart started sputtering and bucking. Oh oh. No win this time. Bummer, and after all the expletive words were spent, we took a look to see what had happened to cause the miss. Yep, that errant wire had again fallen out of the loom, but this time had been CUT IN HALF by the steering. Well it took about 2 seconds then to come up with our race team name. RHRT. The Rubber Head Race Team. We figured what better name for a couple rubber heads!!! Well eventually we did take the time to come up with a different name, and came up with Go For Broke Racing. But for that summer, we were the RHRT, and it FIT!!!