It's dark by now, so I turn on my headlights. Oh oh, they sure are dim......I don't like the looks of this at all. That's all I need now is to lose my alternator. [[[Backtracking a bit, we were told when we first entered the pits that the back gate would be closed after the time trials, and that we were to exit from the front gate.]]] Hmm, the exit is near Lance's pit area, so I drive that way, and ask if he has a spare voltage regulator. (we both run Mopars) Nope, he doesn't. So I borrow how test light to take a look at what is really wrong underhood. The field is powered, so it's obviously not the regulator, and there is at least some charging going on. Since it's too late to call work and ask for the next day off I start on my way, hoping that there will be ehough going to the battery to keep me going till I navigate the 2 1/2 hours to home. With the pit lights glaring in my eyes, I cannot see that the front gate is still locked till I actually get to it. Well by now I am getting awfully frustrated!! Not only did I lose first round, I lost to Lance, and I lost by only .001. And now I have a limp charging system before a 2 1/2 hour drive home, and the gate we are suppposed to exit through is locked!!!! What else can go wrong!! So I have to back everything down the pit road, past cars, in the dark, with the pit light shining in my eyes, making vision almost impossible behind me!! But I do get turned around with no incident, and head to the back gate. Yep open. Grumbling unpleasantries under my breath I slip past the gates and start my uncertain trek home. Heading down the in road, I realize that I can't even see my guages, including the speedo. Rolling my eyes, I think "what else can go wrong!!". With all the troubles of the night, now I won't even be able to see my speed. All I need now to make the night complete is to get stopped for speeding with essentially no headlights. and no excuses. Now I feel defeated, and I drop my head in disgust. Odd? Peering over the top of my glasses, I can see my dash. What the heck, something is actually going to go right??? I look up, nope darkness, I look down and peer over, light. What the heck, up dark, down light, up dark, down light?!?!?!?!? I don't believe it, I still have my SUNGLASSES on!!! Yikes-a-roni, what a dunce!!! *LOL* Taking off the shades, all of a sudden everything looks so much brighter, duh!! Our track faces west, and in the dwindling daylight, we face into the sun, so I wear sunglasses to help see the tree, and I just forgot to take them off. Well if you want to hear the laugh of the century, you should have heard Lance, when I told him this story the next time I saw him!!! Oh well, nothing like a good laugh, even if it is on me!! *LOL*